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      Book Coaching and                   Editing Services

What is Book Coaching?

So many people have a book they itch to write but not everyone feels confident in writing, editing, and publishing those books. A Book Coach helps fellow writers turn that book idea into an actual book you can hold in your hand! 

Is it free? No. Different Book Coaches have different rates depending on what kind of help you require. If you're starting from the beginning, the cost will be more than if you have a completed manuscript and are looking for find Publishers and Agents and submit.

Do Book Coaches have actual writing experience? I suggest you seek one who is familiar with the whole process whether they are Self or Traditionally published. (Don't know the difference? Don't be afraid to ask!)

Are Book Coaches just Editors who do more work? Editors will go through line by line to fix typos and make sure the book flows. Book Coaches will read your work and make suggestions to fix the story and flow. They can also help you find Publishers and Agents and help support you in your journey to create your masterpiece.

Do Book Coaches guarantee you will be published? We can help with your book but have no control over whether or not you will secure an Agent or Publisher. We're happy to help you submit your work and make Submission Guidelines more clear!

Do I really need an Editor?

YES!! No matter what level you are at writing wise, all Writers should have a good Editor in their back pocket. Preferably before submitting your work for publication.

Is it free? Nope. Editing is a lot of work and prices can vary from a flat rate to a price per page.

Can Editors guarantee there will be no typos in my book? No again. We're all human. Typos happen. It is a team effort between Writer and Editor.

Does the Editor have final say in how my book is worded? As the Writer, you are the customer and in control of the final product. Your Editor will make corrections and suggestions, but the Writer can choose to accept or reject them.

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